I am a Professor of Psychology and Education at Northwestern University. Along with teaching, I lead a research laboratory of undergraduate, graduate students, and post-docs. My research interests include Maps, Symbolic Representation, Informal Learning, & Spatial Thinking in STEM Education.
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What’s new in lab?

A child’s drawing of a scientist, from a Draw-a-Scientist study

Congratulations to David Miller, graduate student in the lab, for the recognition he’s received for his work on a meta analysis of the Draw a Scientist Test including coverage from The Atlantic, BBC, Chicago Tribune, Education Week, Newsweek, Science, Science News, Smithsonian, Time, and the Washington Post. The Draw A Scientist task overall showed more drawings of female scientists in recent decades, but saw less by older children. This could mean that even though representation for women has increased in science related fields, children, as reflected in their drawings, still see more male than female scientists in their daily life.

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Be a part of the research! We are always looking for new participants who are interested to lend their time and learn about our research. To sign up: Email us at uttallab@gmail.com or call us at (847) 467-0723. If no one is around, please leave a message and we will get back to you..

Are you an undergrad seeking for research experience in psychology and education? Contact our lab manager camille.msall@northwestern.edu for details about our lab and possible research positions. We welcome enthusiastic students who are interested in becoming more involved with research to inquire about any possible openings. Students can gain course credit or get paid for compensation.

         162 Annenberg Hall

The Uttal Lab is located in the school of education and social policy building (Annenberg Hall) in room 162. Please use the phone to the right of the door to call someone to let you in.

Address: 162 Annenberg Hall 2120 Campus Drive Evanston, IL